VEGAVIEW, auto-darkening welding helmet for spot welding 2.5


Welding mask with extra bright view in the light state (shade level SL 2.5), true colour filter, automatic darkening filter, infinite shade level selection from SL 8 –SL 12, grinding mode operation, infinite adjustable delay from 0.1 s to 1.0 s, LED warning for low battery and grind mode.
-Application ranges: Any electric arc welding process , electrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW) / MIG / MAG (GMAW) / GMAW /High melting rate process / Flux Cored / Wire Welding / TIG welding (GTAW) / Plasma Arc Welding / Plasmacutting & Oxy-gas Welding.
-Protection level 2.5.
-Visible range activated: shade level 8 - 12.
-Grind mode at light state SL 2.5 Operating time batteries: 3000 h approx.
-Switching time; adjustable 0.1 s a 1.0 s.
-UV and infrared protection.
-Protection for ADF Reflection free front cover lens and inside cover lens.
-2 pcs LI-batteries 3V exchangeable With warning for low battery.
-3 sensors. Variable detection angle.
-Operating temperature: -10ºC +70ºC Weight 482 g.


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