OPTREL p550 CARBON, LCD welding helmet with 100x50 ADF


The pro range is a selection of helmets perfect for common welding methods.
-The good quality of the ADF combined with the optrel p500 helmet shell guarantee a long life and good standard for welders. The popular optrel headband and scope for adding the patented hard hat adapter also ensure that this range offers great comfort and protection.
-Thanks to the newly developed side cover concept, the welder can change the way his helmet looks time and again.
-Maximum UV and IR protection with every shade level setting.
-Protection level 4/9-13.
-Sensitivity control and delay control.
-Cartridge size: 90x110x7 mm / 50x100 mm.
-Time taken to switch from ligth to dark: 0.220 ms.
-Time taken to switch from dark to light: 0.25 - 0.7 s continuously variable selection.
-High quality filter.
-Working temperature –10 °C to +70 °C Weight: 495 g.
-Energy suppy: Solar cells and batteries, no need to switch on and off.


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