COBRA 200-FX, digital welding goggle with shield and hood


Digital welding goggle Shades 5-13. This compact, durable, low profile auto-darkening welding goggle is ideal for working in confined areas, where traditional welding helmets may be cumbersome or simply not practical.
-The unique silicon facial lining fits comfortably yet tightly to the face block bright light from entering.
-Supplied with hood, welding helmet and digital google.
-UV/IR protection (ultraviolet and infrared). Light state DIN4.
-Dark State: Variable 5,7,9,11,13 5-13.
-Switching Time: 1/25000 s.
-Delay time: 0,1-0,3-0,6-0,8-1,0 s.
-Grinding function.
-Manual on-off switch with automatic shut off feature.
-Sensitivity control: Low-High, 5 steps adjustable.
-Applications: SMAW, MAG, TIG, MIG, PAC, cutting, PAW, plasma cutting and arc welding, etc.
-Viewing area: 47,5 x 28 mm.
-Cartridge Size: 175x73x92 mm.
-Operating temperature: -5ºC to +55ºC.


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