FORKED LANYARD, adjustable 1,50-2 m with connectors

Ref. 80224J

Adjustable: 1,5-2 m.
•Energy absorber with forked lanyard and connectors.
•Adjustable forked webbing from 1,5-2 m.
•En un extremo, lleva dos ganchos de acero galvanizado 80113J, de apertura 50 mm y resistencia 25 Kn.
•Incluye absorbedor, hecho con cintas de poliéster de 32 mm de ancho.
• At one end, it has two 80113J galvanized steel hooks, opening 50 mm and resistance 25 Kn
•Protected with a polyethylene tube.
•Ideal for work on scaffolding, structures and ladders.


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