PROFISHELL-ONE, auto-darkening welding helmet 4/9-13


The best price-features relationship.
-Auto-darkening welding helmet powered by solar cells, with PP black housing in matte finish.
-Cartridge size: 110x90x9 mm, certified for protection against high speed particles.
-Viewing area: 96x39 mm.
-Shade state DIN 4/9-13 variable (external).
-Grinding funtion: DIN 4 (external).
-Sensitivity: stepless variable (internal).
-Switching time: <1/30000 s (ANSI +23º) Delay time: 0,1-1,0 s (variable, internal).
-Power supply: Solar cell, no Li-Battery change required.
-UV/IR protection: DIN 16 (permanent).
-Working temperature: -10ºC - 60ºC.


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