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SYNCRO VP3, breath responsive PAPR without cable (includes f


Breath responsive PAPR of full face mask integrated with a fan unit making it "Compact", "Economical", "Light", with a high protection.
-Easy breathing: Breath responsive PAPR provides clean filtered air by fan as you inhale.
-Long life and light: Breath responsive makes a long battery life with light-weight battery.
-High protection: Positive pressure is maintained inside the mask.
-Cordless: No battery connection cable which does not disturb your work.
-Switchless: Automatic ON/OFF function.
-The system starts automatically as you breathe, and turns off 5 seconds after doffing.
-This switchless function makes it easy to use as Reusable Respirator.
-(Solving the disadvantage of the constant air flow PAPR!) LED indicators: Two indicators for Battery life and filter replacement.
-Long battery life: Compact battery with usage of more than 9 hours! Easy to wash: Facepiece can be washed with water (removable fan unit).
-Material: SBC (Stylene-butadiene copolymers).
-3D anti-scratch coated polycarbonate visor.
-Weight: Approx 755-770 g (without filters).
-Speech diaphragm.
-6-Point TPU & PBT Head Harness.
-High safety: Air will come out responding to the breath making a positive pressure. Face piece, fan unit, and battery is integrated into one system.


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