Information on the use of cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent and stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser when you connect to a website. Cookies can be used to collect and store user data during your connection to provide the services requested and that are not usually retained (session cookies), or to retain user data for other future services and can be retained indefinitely (persistent cookies). Cookies can be first-party or third-party cookies.

There are several types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies, which facilitate user navigation and the use of web options or services, such as identifying the session, giving access to certain sections, facilitating orders, filling out forms, registrations, security, facilitating functionalities such as videos, RRSS, etc.
  • Personalization cookies, which allow the user to access services according to preferences (language, browser, configuration...).
  • Analysis cookies, which allow anonymous analysis of the behavior of users of the page and allow to measure user activity and create navigation profiles to improve websites.
  • Advertising cookies, which allow the management of advertising space on the website.
  • Personalized advertising cookies, which allow the management of advertising space on the web according to the user's browsing behavior-habits, thus obtaining their profile and allowing to customize the advertising displayed on the user's browser on the web.

SAFETOP uses technical, customization and analysis cookies, own and third party, which in no case treat personal data, but capture browsing habits for statistical purposes. By accessing www., therefore, in compliance with Article 22 of the Law of Services of the Information Society, we have requested your consent to its use. In any case, we inform you that you can enable and disable these cookies by following the instructions of your browser:

Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.

Safari: Preferences -> Security.

Opera: Tools -> Preferences -> Edit preferences -> Cookies

Edge: Settings -> View advanced settings -> Privacy and services -> Cookies

For extended information, you can consult your browser's Help or support pages:



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