MAYDAY, escape mask for emergency with filter ABEK


Emergency mouthpiece.
-It facilitates the breathing a few minutes.
-The duration of the respirator is 10 minutes.
-Only for one use.
-Tested according the standard DIN 58647-7.
-It includes a nose piece and a filter ABEK (included).
-Made of polypropylene, ABS and silicone.
-Active carbon filter.
-It should only be used in case of leaks in dangerous places.
-It can be placed in the pocket.
-Or it can be placed in the trouser belt.
-Supplied in a box.
-Weight: 150 g.
-It is supplied with a filter ABEK, protecting against organic vapors, inorganic gases, acid gases, sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3) and its compounds.
-It does not protect from carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen and does not provide oxygen.


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