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WEBBING RETRACTOR 6 m, very light weigth


Webbing retractor made of Cutfibre and polyester.
-Very light weight.
-It is a type of fiber that offers maximum resistance and minimum weight.
-Up to 15 times stronger than the steel.
-Up to 40% stronger than the aramid fibers.
-With strong plastic housing. Available in 6 and 15 meters.
-Available with or without energy absorber.
-Swivel at the harness connexion side to avoid twisting of the webbing.
-Energy dissipating element.
-Connector with resistance 23 Kn and opening 19 mm, included.
-The connection loop with the connector is protected with heat sealing.
-It includes hanger for an easy transport.
-APPLICATIONS Vertical use. Ideal for a full-range of applications including construction and general maintenance.


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