AERIS COMFORT 2, Autonomous Breathing Equipment (without cyl

Ref. 70640


Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus.

•Compressed air and open circuit.
•Comfortable, durable and with great performance will protect you
in any situation or application.
•Washable harness
•Adjustable quick-release shoulder buckles.
•Flexible, ergonomic, non-metallic back plate.
•Three transport handles and fixing point for lifeline.
•It consists of:

A medium/high pressure (HP/MP) reducer
A comfortable harness with aramid fiber webbing
A complete skin
A positive pressure automatic dispensing valve and alarm
integrated into the handle of the high pressure gauge
•Approved temperatures: -30°C/+60°C
•Weight (back protector, harness and SX-Pro demand valve): 3.50 kg
•High pressure pneumatic manometer: 0-400 bar manometer
photoluminescent, rubber protections and integrated alarm buzzer


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