BIHOR size XXL, sit and suspension harness 5 points 140 kg


SIZE XXL Suspension harness with sit harness function.
-Easy movement for ascent or descent.
-5 anchorage points: 2-work positioning, 2-suspension and 1 front ring.
-Dorsal attaching D-ring for attaching fall arrest system.
-Six points of adjustment. Two regulating buckles.
-Reinforced leg straps for sitting, for jobs where greater leg support is needed.
-Two elasticated webbing between the leg straps and the belt.
-Belt pad with 8 tool D-rings.
-Shoulder straps joined by a connecting snap hook, for attaching fall arrest system.
-Applications: Designed for working at height: High altitude operations or pending construction, engineering, mining and quarrying..., for protection against falls from a height.


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