Our company

We are an innovative company specialized in personal protective equipment placed in Oleiros (A Coruña) with international activity.
Our focus is the
distinction, offering added value to the products and services we offer, innovating and developing solutions to the new challenges, in order to achieve a work environment with high levels of protection, comfort and personal safety.
Our products are mainly distributed within the European Union, increasing our presence every year in other markets.
We distribute mainly through industrial supplies specialized in personal protection with knowledge and training on our equipment.
We have recently inaugurated the new headquarters in Oleiros (A Coruña) with more than 5000 square metres as a logistics platform for the brand.

Our history

1989. Our history begins in 1989, with the foundation of LOGA REPRESENTACIONES SL. The founders, Enrique García and Ismael Losada, develop a little company in a small shop in Ronda de Monte Alto in A Coruña, dedicated entirely to sell workwear, protective equipment and saw blades, which they supply to local Galician's shops, taking them in their van to each store.

1990. One year later, they started to sell PPE’s, combining the selling of saw blades with other equipments, under the name of “Loga”.

cartel safetop-2-250.jpgcartel safetop-250.jpgcartel safetop-1-250.jpg

1992. The outbreak of Spain&Portugal developing in the90’s leads to increase demand forPPE’s, and our company experiences the first blow of growth, creating its FIRST ICONIC LOGO, which will maintain until 2009. Sales increase more and more: Safetop starts to work with several factories in different countries, selling more and more and offering more different PPE’s. In the year 2000 the company has 24 sales agents throughout Spain and Portugal.

2009. The construction crisis forces the company to innovate and adjust prices, design and formats, to adapt to the increasingly demanding consumer demand. The second logo appears along with the inseparable image of the building under construction. Innovation becomes the way of being of SAFETOP.

cartel safetop-3-250.jpg

2015. The company starts to grow more and more, tripling the sales, and generating an annual turnover in 2018 over 10M€.Together with this growth, We launch a new logo, adjusted to the new market, more technological and futuristic. The new logo that we know today appears:


2019. The company adds several products to the catalogue, and new brands open opportunities abroad. Nowadays, our products are distributed  inside the UE mainly being our presence more relevant in other continents every time. We have become in a truly INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, with more than 40 employees, sale agents and office staff.