CLEAR FLOW compressed air-filtration unit portable station


On a portable stand The Clearflow 3 compressed air filtration unit has been designed to deliver high quality breathable air to a range of respiratory devices. Compressed air factory network contained particles and traces of oil and water, Clearflow 3 removes these through its coalescing filter. Where the removal of oil vapour and odour is necessary the use of a carbon absorber filter is required.
-The Clearflow 3 range is available in wall mounted and portable stand versions.
-The Clearflow 3 can supply breathable air for up to four operators using supplied air respirators, or up to two operators using respirators in combination with auxiliary tools such as hand held paint spraying equipment.
-High filtration capacity due to high flow system (no flow change when connecting auxiliary tools), high efficiency coalescing filter and high capacity carbon filter. New one piece compact design which offers easy use and easy maintenance. Provides security to worker with its differential pressure indicator (no bad value judgment). Can be used for up to 4 workers. The Clearflow 3 system is available in various configurations: differents outlets, wall-mounted or stand, used with PPE. Supply with CEJN, RBE, Double action or free Outlets but without Quick release connectors.
-Wall-mounted version dimensions: 33x24x9.
-Portable version: 33,5x38,5x34.
-Materials: Aluminium bodied filters, regulators with some plastic and brass components.


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